4helix+ - Empowering the 4 helix of MED maritime clusters through an open source/knowledge sharing and community-based approach in favor of MED blue growth
4helix+ pjt aims at stimulating, coaching and funding cross-sectoral and trans-boundary innovation of the MED key sector “BLUE GROWTH ” which deserves to be better supported being an economic driver and a potential generator of development and jobs. Main change sought is to improve basic conditions for bridging the gap among the MED maritime clusters and within their 4helixes thanks to the collaboration with the not institutional new innovation agents such as like fablabs, co-working spaces, makerspaces, creative hubs, etc. For sustaining innovation in Blue Growth, beside typical research facilities, it is imperative to favor its partnership with and within open spaces for exploratory interaction and creativity that may find room in this new kind of innovation agents. This innovative partnership is also empowered by the ground-breaking combination with cultural and creative industries knowledge and expertise.

The enhanced 8 MED maritime regional clusters (Lisbon Region, Andalusia, Cataluna, Paca, Marche, Zadar County, Central Macedonia and Durres, Vlora, Saranda and Shengjin coastal areas in Albania) can, thus, be fruitfully involved in the testing, evaluation and regional/national transferring of a transnational innovation process according to an open source, knowledge sharing and community-based approach.

The project overall amount is 2.193.983,75 € (whose over 500.000,00 € dedicated to allocation of Innovation Vouchers to MED BLUE SMEs/STARTUPs).

Coordinator: SVIM - Sviluppo Marche Srl, Italia

Start Date: Febbraio 2018 – Luglio 2020  

Info at: http://www.adrioninterreg.eu/ 


Soggetto finanziatore
Unione Europea
Programma di Finanziamento e bando
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Responsabile Scientifico
Prof. Leonardo Mostarda - Prof.ssa Diletta Romana Cacciagrano
Scuola / Struttura:
Scienze e Tecnologie
ruolo Unicam

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